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Every Good Book has a Bar

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

One thing I miss with the stay-at-home rules in place is hanging out at a

bar. It’s not because I want to get sloshed. I can easily do that at home if I really want to (which I don’t because I'm not a fan of hangovers).

What I miss is the people watching and the camaraderie I find at the local pub, especially when I “belly up” to the bar. Conversation flows, whether that’s with the bartender or the people around me. I’ve learned interesting tidbits of information that I swear would not be shared with a complete stranger, except while sitting at a bar. Barriers seems to come down and people become more open.

I find in some of my favorite books, the main characters also have a favorite bar they go to meet friends, blow off steam or get information from someone.

In the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Harry frequently hangs out at McAnnaly’s Pub where he enjoys “Macs” home-brewed ale. The place is designed to diffuse magical energy and is considered neutral territory making it popular in the wizarding community.

The Bamboo House of Dolls is where Stark, the main character in Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series, likes to frequent. Carlos, the bartender and owner, is a friend to Stark and they have a mutual respect for each other.

Annette Marie, with her Guild Codex books, created a series that centers around the Crow and Hammer, a bar for members of a magical Guild. Tori, the main character, is human but ends up becoming the bartender and becoming good friends with three mages.

In my next book in the Judas Files series, New Dominion, I am adding a bar. Gabe, Alex and Zoe needed a place to unwind and relax, so now they will have Hula Harry’s. Although the booze has no effect on anyone (it is hell after all), these characters will now have a place to blow off steam.

Just like me, the characters in these books enjoy hanging out at their favorite bar. They understand and appreciate the bar atmosphere. For now, the only way I get to experience this is through my favorite books. Cheers!

C.G.Harrisis the author of the sci-fi series, The Rax and the urban fantasy series, The Judas Files.. The Nine, book one in the series, is now available as an audiobook narrated by the talented, MacLeod Andrews.


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2 comentários

03 de abr. de 2020

It's a fun place and will definitely become a go-to hang out for Gabe and his crew.


I for one can't wait to read about hell's newest hot spot, haha, Hula Harry's!

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