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The Nine

Book 1 Judas Files

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Ellie Mai Blogs
"The Nine is an extremely addictive and humourous fantasy that is sure to leave you wanting more. I loved..."


I’m a Voracious Reader

"Gabe is full of snark and piss & vinegar. His mouth gets him into trouble. A lot. But he’s funny and resourceful...

My Bookish Bliss

"I adore stories set in hell. I have no idea why, but they are all so original. Every author has a different idea of hell, and they are all so fascinating. Harris’s version of hell makes me so happy. I know that this book means to be dramatic and edgy, which it is, but..."

The Strawberry Post

"This is such an interesting and different urban fantasy read.  It’s not every day you read a story which is set in hell and has the characters appearing Topside, in the real/our world for some time but a lot happens in this story..."

Sharon Beyond the Books

"It’s such a great story. For me, I was already laughing on the first few pages, and it just kept giving! An urban fantasy that captured my imagination immediately..."

"The Nine took the tenth spot in the BBNYA finals of 2021 and it’s easy to see why. This urban fantasy has an original setting, the ninth circle of Hell mixed with current day USA, and interesting characters...

Dab of Darkness (Audiobook Review)

"Ha! I had so much fun with this urban fantasy! I loved the world building, the snark, the somewhat combative relationship between the two main characters (Gabe and Alex), and the idea of undercover operatives in Hell. Yep, the nine circles of Hell..."

"The Narration: MacLeod Andrews was a joy to listen to. I love how expressive he is and his voice is perfect for Gabe. Andrews’s timing for the humor was spot on, often making me chuckle..."

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