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Hometown Space Pirate

#1 Viraquin Voyage Series

Hometown 3D UPdated.png

Ben Roberts hears voices…alien voices

When word of his abilities spreads through the galactic grapevine, Ben ranks number one on an A.I.’s most wanted list to become their cybernated slave. A bleak prospect, but what if they offered him everything he ever dreamed of in exchange?

A headstrong spaceship, with an intelligence of its own, shows up to help Ben, but he doesn’t know if it can be trusted. When he discovers a powerful alien has taken refuge on Earth, Ben makes it his mission to rescue it from the race of A.I. beings.

If he can’t find a way to survive, the balance of power throughout the universe could be altered forever.

Aliens, robots, and spaceships all rolled up into one hilarious, page-turning story. Get your copy of Hometown Space Pirate to start the adventure.

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"This was a great romp with a sarcastic hero, a stubborn spaceship who doesn't want to answer to the name Buttercup, and evil aliens. The humor, action, and impossible dilemmas faced by a hero - who can hear aliens when no one else can - won my heart. I raced through the book and look forward to the rest of the series. I felt for our hero, from humiliation on a talk show to messing up his strategies to outwit aliens. He was all too human and stole a piece of my heart."

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