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Yuletide Space Ranger

#3 Viraquin Voyage Series

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Santa is an alien and Christmas is in crisis.

Ben and the crew are one step closer to reuniting their orphaned Viraquin with her mother. All they need now is a little information. What better place to find it then on a friendly planet every Santa calls home. When they arrive the planet is under attack. Santa’s deployment to Earth is in jeopardy and the consequences for missing his Christmas delivery go far beyond lost candy canes or unfilled stockings.


Every child is in danger and their fate rests on the shoulders of Ben and his crew. Vicious aliens block them at every turn and a strange new world stands in their way. A pair of mismatched Yule Rangers are Earth's only hope, so Ben and the others must risk everything to deliver them in time.


It’s an all out sprint to evade evil enemies, unite new friends and save Christmas, all before time runs out for Earth’s children.

Yuletide Space Ranger is book 3 in the space pirate Viraquin Voyage series. 

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