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Kickin' it with Kadrey

An Interview with Best Selling Author of Sandman Slim

For many writers there are certain books or authors that have a significant impact on their own writing. For me, one of those authors is Richard Kadrey, a New York Time Bestselling author of fifteen novels, including my favorite, the Sandman Slim series. His humorous cynical tone speaks to the dark side in all of us and has me laughing at things I know I shouldn't. The series centers around, James Stark, a “fast talking, hard-boiled, supernatural vigilante, who escapes from Hell to avenge his girlfriend's murder and hunt down the magicians responsible for getting him sent ‘downtown.’"

I wanted to know more about this talented author, so I reached out to him with some questions. He took time out of his busy writing day to share his thoughts about his books, writing and the upcoming Sandman Slim movie.

How would James Stark describe you?

“That asshole who makes money off my misery.”

In the Sandman Slim series you have created not only a great main character, but also a great supporting cast. Who is your favorite supporting character and why?

“Candy is hard to beat. I originally came up with her through her phone calls with Stark when she worked with Doc Kinski. I wanted 40’s style movie banter, sort of like His Girl Friday. Then Candy became a more fully formed character and I liked her even more. I’m also fond of Vidocq. In some ways, his story is as tragic as Stark’s, but he’s smarter so he’s gained a lot of wisdom it would take Stark much longer to get.”

You weave lots of religion and mythology in your books. How did that come about?

"I’ve always been interested in both topics. The nature of God. The nature of evil. And, of course, Lucifer. I have a whole library on Lucifer, Hell, and the angelic world."

What was the tipping point with your writing when you realized you could become a full time author?

"I’ve been a full-time writer for over 20 years now. I wrote web and ad content for a lot of companies, but I became a full-time novelist after I sold the first three Sandman Slim books together. That gave me the seed money to go to fiction full-time." In an interview I watched your advice for writers was to, "Keep writing. Finish what you write, then move on to the next thing. Don't give up." Do you have anything to add to that?

"It’s all right to imitate other writers at first, but it’s just as important to find your own voice. It isn’t always easy (It took me until Butcher Bird to do it), but it’s worth the work. It’s hard to build a lasting career on imitation."

I noticed a director has been hired for the Sandman Slim movie. Does that mean it is getting closer to filming? Who would be your ideal choice for Stark?

"The movie is going forward. There’s a script in the works right now. I don’t talk about who I’d choose for Stark. The director will do that. Until that happens, I want readers to make up their own Starks and decide what he looks and sounds like."

To learn more about Richard Kadrey, visit his website:

The audiobooks for the Sandman Slim series are narrated by my favorite narrator, MacLeod Andrews (who just happens to be the narrator for, The Nine) and are awesome! His books are available in bookstores and on Amazon.

Follow him on Twitter: @Richard_Kadrey

C.G.Harris is the author of the sci-fi series, The Rax and the urban fantasy series, The Judas Files.. The Nine, book one in the series, is now available as an audiobook narrated by the talented, MacLeod Andrews.


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