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Comic Con Add on Story

We had a blast at FoCo Comic Con and a big thanks to those creative con-goers who added to our story during day two. You can read the final masterpiece below. Enjoy!

Comic Con, Aliens and Kermit the Frog

FoCo Comic Con is humanity's last hope. A dark enemy looms, but no one know what they look like, or worse, what they are capable of. There's an alien invasion and only us comic con people know hot to defeat them. But wait, what is this but a true believer. Someone with the ability to grant the comic con true power. Someone with the power of God AND anime on their side! Their perfectly windswept hair belies a sleeping power within, the power to know and convey, to motivate to action. They are the Chosen Ones prophesied to appear, recognizable by their hair of deepest purple.

Our character was born in a small town. She grew up playing D&D and doing other nerdy things. Her name was Void. Void was not a particularly interesting girl. At least that's what everybody thought before the day it all changed. It was just a normal day when void was chillin' outside with her pet pig, Grog.

The sky filled with lightning and thunder. The ground shook causing the world to be thrown off balance. But then there was a moment of silence... The ground began to rip and tear apart. the aliens had a hidden base on our planet this entire time! Now was their time to strike. The mission had begun.

The world's military fell, but Void fled to the Fort Collins Comic Con ready to share her power with the attendees ...

Shortly after, Jmat/Evan rode to Fort Collins on a stolen alien spacecraft they stole from planet Mars. they had super powers that were untamable. But finally, Todoroki and Deku got together as did Kirishima and Bakugou and had a dance off. This however, was no ordinary dance off. This dance off caused them to dimensionally transport to the far away land of Voltron. On Voltron they, K & B & B came to a green brick road.

There they came upon Kermit the Frog, but with a gun. but Kermit could only speak Japanese. And then he saw his high school sweetheart and was smitten. He could no longer fight for the Earth's side. He went to to his sweetheart, who was an alien spy; he had to gain her trust. And he figured the best way to gain her trust would be to beat her father in a dance off!!



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