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Audiobook Addict

Welcome to day one of the blogging A-Z Challenge. From now until the end of April I will post each day (except Sunday) about different topics from Hell to Twinkies while I go through the entire alphabet.

It seemed fitting to start this blogging adventure with a clean slate by finally admitting to the world that I am an addict––an audiobook addict. I listen in the morning while sipping on some Joe, I listen in the car, I listen while checking things off my "honey do" list and I listen to help me fall asleep. I escape to other worlds through my air pods whenever I can, and let's face it, with everything going on right now with this crazy virus, it's not a bad thing.

If you have not ventured into the incredible world of audiobooks, you are

missing out. I get my books through Audible, but there are other places: the library, Scribd, Kobo, Apple Audiobooks, Playster and more. To get you started I am sharing a few of my favorites.

Sandman Slim-Richard Kadrey

Dresden Files-Jim Butcher

The Reckoners-Brandon Sanderson

Detroit Free Zone series-Rachel Aaron

That should keep you busy for a while. But if you need another one, there is my audiobook, The Nine, which I am quite fond of too.

My name is C.G. Harris, and I am an audiobook addict.


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David Jesson
David Jesson
Apr 09, 2020

I too am an addict in this respect :0) It's not helped by the fact that Audible frequently do sales, so it's quite easy to fill up a library of audio books. I'm trying to be good though and pick off the books in my virtual TBR...honest.

Looking forward to catching up with your challenge and following along for the rest of the month. Will be giving you a shout out on my own blog.


@Breakerofthings from

<a href=””> Fiction Can Be Fun</a>

Calling by as an A2Z supporter


April Moore
April Moore
Apr 02, 2020

I need to get more into audio books, but I'm such a visual person, I feel like I need to see the words in order to get the full picture. I did however, love listening to The Nine!

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