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Audiobook Addict

Welcome to day one of the blogging A-Z Challenge. From now until the end of April I will post each day (except Sunday) about different topics from Hell to Twinkies while I go through the entire alphabet.

It seemed fitting to start this blogging adventure with a clean slate by finally admitting to the world that I am an addict––an audiobook addict. I listen in the morning while sipping on some Joe, I listen in the car, I listen while checking things off my "honey do" list and I listen to help me fall asleep. I escape to other worlds through my air pods whenever I can, and let's face it, with everything going on right now with this crazy virus, it's not a bad thing.

If you have not ventured into the incredible world of audiobooks, you are

missing out. I get my books through Audible, but there are other places: the library, Scribd, Kobo, Apple Audiobooks, Playster and more. To get you started I am sharing a few of my favorites.

Sandman Slim-Richard Kadrey

Dresden Files-Jim Butcher

The Reckoners-Brandon Sanderson

Detroit Free Zone series-Rachel Aaron

That should keep you busy for a while. But if you need another one, there is my audiobook, The Nine, which I am quite fond of too.

My name is C.G. Harris, and I am an audiobook addict.


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