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Top 10 Reasons to Listen to The Nine Audiobook

1. It won’t judge you for wearing pajamas until three in the afternoon when you pick up your kids from school, in fact it’s encouraged.

2. It gives you something to do while you wait for the next Sandman Slim or Dresden Files audiobook to come out.

Listening to The Nine Audiobook

3. 9 out of 10 theologians recommend listening to The Nine every day as a way to prevent soul decay.

4. It gives the voices in your head a break, Lord knows they need it.

5. MacLeod Andrews is the BEST narrator in the world (and the underworld!).

6. Listening to The Nine in bed does not require a reading lamp which would keep your spouse up, causing extreme exhaustion in the morning apparent by the face-plant into the oatmeal.

7. My mom said it’s good.

8. Sound proof headphones can tune out the world, especially those eye-rolling teenagers who think they are way smarter than you.

9. MacLeod Andrews will make you laugh until you pee your pants. Listen at your own risk.

10. Listening to The Nine audiobook is clinically proven to make you more attractive. (For best results combine it with generous portions of Scotch.)


The Nine is the first book in The Judas Files urban fantasy, an action-packed series complete with snarky characters, witty banter, and dark humor (Think Dresden Files against the backdrop of Hell). And, when you finish listening to The Nine, you can move right on to #2, New Dominion!


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